If your shop does not look interesting from the outside, you will not get people wanting to look at it on the inside.

This is why a good sign for your shop which pulls your potential customers’ interest is so important.

An interesting, relevant and catchy shop sign that stands out from your competitors will make people want to see what you can sell them, so a top-quality shop sign is absolutely vital to the success of your business.

How we can help

At James Bros, we can not only advise you on the design of the sign you might want to use for your shop, but we can install them throughout Scotland as well, so you do not have to be based just in Glasgow to receive our excellent products and services.

As a family-run business that has been in Glasgow for 37 years, we pride ourselves on customer service, so you will get a top-quality product that has been made by our friendly staff.
There are all sorts of styles or materials that you can use to create exactly the first impression that you want.
We are also experts at designing and installing plaques, so if there is a person you want to remember or if there was a special visit by a celebrity or big personality, we can design and create a plaque that appropriately helps remember the occasion.
Our team are extremely skilled at what they do, so they can give you advice on any graphics you may want to include in your shop sign, as well as the style of letters you want to use, and how you want your logos to appear.

The sorts of signs we can design include:

  • Shop signs and banners
  • Bespoke fascias
  • Plaques
  • Light box signs
  • Built up or flat lettering

We can also advise you on the sort of sign you should use if you want it to be lit up at night.

If you are interested in any of these services,
call us now on 0141 556 5797.

A few more examples of our Shop Signs